Payment Options for Hearing Aids

Some insurance companies cover some or all of the cost of hearing aids, while many others do not. When you make an appointment for a hearing aid evaluation, we will check this benefit for you.

In the event that your insurance does not cover the cost of the devices, payment options include cash, check, credit card, as well as CareCredit.

We offer CareCredit, the leading healthcare credit card, to make improving your hearing health easier and more affordable. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card for every member of the family, that gives you low monthly payment options for healthcare costs not commonly covered by insurance, including hearing aids.

Learn more by visiting www.carecredit.com or by contacting our office. Ready to apply? Click here to apply online for your CareCredit card today.

“I received excellent care at Chesapeake ENT. Their prompt response and cheerful attitudes made for a wonderful experience. All of the audiologists were very helpful. Especially Dr. Laura Toll, her knowledge of hearing aids and the new technology offered made for an easy decision."


- Tanya 

"Was very knowledgeable and helpful."


- Saafir 

"Very courteous and on time."


- Pauline