If you have been diagnosed with a hearing issue that can be addressed with a hearing aid, you probably have many questions, including: How much do hearing aids cost?

As with all consumer goods, hearing aids are available in many types, each with different features that can have a significant effect on the price tag. Some private health insurance plans will contribute to the cost of a hearing aid. However, premium features will often incur a greater out-of-pocket expense. If an exam at our Baltimore, MD, practice reveals that you need a hearing aid, our doctors will take plenty of time to explain your options, work with your insurance company to obtain maximum coverage, and help to arrange financing, if necessary.

How Much Will Insurance Cover?

In short, this depends on your plan. Some insurance providers are willing to cover the cost of a basic hearing aid, but will not cover the cost of certain features that could provide further benefits to your quality of life. For instance, if you do a considerable amount of driving, it may be worth investing in a hearing aid with Bluetooth® capability that will allow you to connect your device with your cell phone. Or, if you spend time in loud environments, a hearing aid with a directional microphone can allow you to amplify the audio signal directly in front of you while reducing background noise. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of hearing aids, you may benefit from investing in a hearing aid that can be totally concealed within the ear canal.

If your insurance plan will not cover the total cost of a hearing aid with the features and appearance you desire, we accept cash and credit cards. We can also help you arrange a payment plan through CareCredit®, a medical financing company that allows you to pay in affordable monthly installments.

Maintenance Costs

Hearing aids are not "set and forget" devices. No matter which hearing aid you choose, you will need to replace the batteries from time to time, and may require periodic adjustments and cleaning. In some cases, your device may require repairs that are not covered under a warranty. Over the lifespan of your hearing aid, these costs could amount to several hundred dollars.

It is incredibly simple to find cut rates online, but we strongly encourage patients to consider the benefits that come with purchasing your device from a physician's office.

Point of Purchase

Hearing aids can be purchased from a variety of sources. It is incredibly simple to find cut rates online, but we strongly encourage patients to consider the benefits that come with purchasing your device from a physician's office. For example, we will perform an in-depth battery of tests to identify your needs and recommend a hearing aid that will improve your hearing and achieve a fit with your lifestyle and preferences. We can also take time to teach you how to achieve the greatest benefits from your hearing aid through proper use, and are available to consult with you directly if any issues arise.

Schedule a Consultation

We are available to answer all of your questions about hearing aids, and to help dispel the many myths and misconceptions concerning these devices. If you are experiencing hearing loss and beginning to wonder how you can budget for a hearing aid, please request an appointment online or call us at 410-356-2626.

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